Brand guidelines

Hello dear Guidify friend! We are super stoked you have found this section and are interested in our branding guidelines for whatever reason. It's awesome!

We love our brand and care a lot about how it appears in the world. We've created some guidelines to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, content and trademarks without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use.

↓ Download Brand Guidelines (PDF, 700 KB)

Why do these guidelines matter?

These guidelines outline the general rules when using Guidify brand assets. Consistent use of these assets helps with better recognition of the brand and protect our company trademarks.

This guide is for anyone who wants to use Guidify brand assets for editorial purposes such as publishing stories, news, articles, commentaries and reviews about us. You may require our permission for using Guidify brand logos and assets in TV commercials, digital advertising or print packaging. If you are not sure, please submit your request to

Please follow these guidelines (or download the PDF document) and agree to act in accordance with Guidify Terms & Conditions and Community guidelines. Oh, and please don’t misrepresent the Guidify brand.



We want it to be instantly recognizable, so consistency is important. Please don’t edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure it.


Glyph & Wordmark

Our logo includes both the glyph and wordmark which can be used in various combinations or separately. Please refer to out Brand Guidelines for detailed instructions.


↓ Download All Brand Assets (ZIP, 1 GB)



The Guidify logo should have a margin of clear space on all sides around it equal to the letter u"" typeface width or a half of the glyph width. No other elements (text, images, other logos, etc.) should appear inside this clear space.



Monochrome logo

If a background color makes the full-color Logo hard to see, you should use a monochrome Logo instead. User white (#ffffff) or dark grey (#333333) logo. The white (#FFFFFF) monochrome Logo has a no-fill triangle. It should be used on dark multi-colored images.



Application icons

Please use our icons when mentioning specific applications. Only the following modifications of our original logos are allowed:



Our Tagline

Ride & Guide as well as “Connecting local riders, guides & experts” is our tag line and is a part of Guidify brand identity and logo. Terms of services and all Guidify Rules and Policies apply.



Use of our brand materials

When using our logo please try to follow our guidelines and recommendations:


  • Don’t edit, rotate, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the logo.
  • Don’t animate the logo.
  • Don’t accessorize the logo with extra elements.
  • Don’t add special effects to the logo.
  • Don’t use previous versions of the logo.
  • Follow the clear space guidance in this document.



Please do not use our name, logos, and other brand materials in ways that may be offending, confusing, misleading, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation.


Advertising, promotional and sales materials

Please don't use our name as a part of your company or service name, website name, trade name, or product name and please don’t incorporate our logo into yours.



We don't allow third parties to make, sell, or give away merchandise with our branding without our prior explicit written consent.

↓ Download All Brand Assets (ZIP, 1 GB)


Legal Stuff

We are very passionate about the development and protection of our intellectual property. In addition to developing and protecting our trademarks and logos we enforce our rights against people who misuse its trademarks.

Guidify trademarks — including the “G” glyph, Guidify wordmark, Ride & Guide tag line and “Connecting local riders, guides and (&) experts — are owned by Guidify and may only be used as provided in these guidelines or with our explicit written permission. You may not use or register, or otherwise claim rights in any Guidify trademark, including as or as part of any trademark, service mark, company name, trade name, username or domain registration. Do not use Guidify trademarks for anything that would be inconsistent with Guidify terms or Community Guidelines.

We may revoke permission to use Guidify’s trademarks at any time. Guidify reserves the right to withhold approval of content that it considers inconsistent with the Guidify brand.

By using Guidify brand materials, you agree to our Terms of Service, these Guidify branding guidelines, and all Guidify rules and policies, as may be updated from time to time. You also acknowledge that Guidify is the sole owner of Guidify trademarks, promise not to interfere with Guidify rights in them, and acknowledge that goodwill derived from their use accrues only to Guidify. Guidify may review use of the branding materials at any time and reserves the right to terminate or modify any use.