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Connecting local guides, riders and experts.

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Find locals.

Discover riders near you or filter local guides by location and activities like mountainbiking, surfing, skiing, climbing etc.

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Be a local.

Every local is an expert guide on his home spot.

Share your knowledge and skills for a beer or earn some extra money by guiding, coaching or renting equipment.

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Connect on the go!

Instantly connect and chat with locals to work out the details.

Create group chats to keep in touch with your friends. Name your groups, share photos, status updates and location and use s(t)ickers to better express yourself!

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Update your status

Share text and photos that disappear in 24 hours.

Let your friends know about your riding plans or share photos from your trip. Add text and emojis, change backgrounds and fonts and choose who sees your updates.

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Introducing Maps

Get visible on the map during your activity.

Use beacon button and start sharing your location with your friends so they can follow your activity in real time. Choose who can see your location or get invisible like a ghost.

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Experience local vibe

Let the locals show you the best clubs, unique underground scene, delicious local foods, craziest parties and fun events.

Explore, Discover, Experience

Join the community of adventurers, action sport enthusiasts and outdoor experts to
discover awesome places with locals.

1. Find guides

Use filters to discover locals by places, activities or nearby.

2. View profiles

Chek out guides references, ratings and other information.

3. Chat

Chat on the go. Contact your guide, meet new people and discover secert spots.

Connecting local guides, riders and experts.

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